This year, the Taiwan Agricultural Engineers Society (TAES) has taken up the responsibility of hosting the prestigious PAWEES international conference. PAWEES 2024 will take place in Taichung, a city nestled in the heart of Taiwan renowned for its mild year-round climate, vibrant cultural scene, hospitable locals, and wonderful scenery, We anticipate that this year's event will be enriching and interactive for all participants. 

PAWEES 2024 remains in the commitment to offering an communicative platform for global researchers and practitioners specializing in paddy systems and related fields. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge advancements, research discoveries, perspectives, and experiences, thereby contributing to the resolution of pressing food and water challenges on a global scale.

In line with this mission, PAWEES 2024 is dedicated to offering opportunities for networking and collaboration with our international partners and friends from around the world during this gathering.